Reduce for Green Living

One of the key concepts of Green Living is to reduce. We use a lot of "stuff" - energy, natural resources, food, household items, and just plain stuff. Learning how to use less really isn't that hard - and you'll pick up on some great money saving ideas along the way.

Take a look in your trash can on trash day - or peek into a dumpster (if you dare)...imagine this multiplied by millions of households and you quickly realize we throw a lot of stuff away. If we start with less, there is less to worry about throwing away or recycling. Reduce what your household uses, and you have taken the first giant step toward Green Living and being kinder to the Earth.

Trash Dumpster

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Multiply that by over 300 million Americans, and you have a huge amount of trash...every single day.

Reduce Household Trash

Buying less and using less around the house is an easy first step - and a great money saving idea. Look at the packaging of the items you buy, and choose those that have less packaging. Do you really need to use paper plates - or can you pick up an inexpensive set of dishes for backyard barbeques that can be used over and over instead of thrown away. Choose neither when asked "paper or plastic" - carry a few items or bring your own cloth bag.

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Reduce Food Waste

It is estimated that 40% of the food produced in the United States ends up thrown away...or 122 pounds per month for a family of 4. This not only adds to our trash problem, but is a complete waste of all the resources used to produce the food - water, fuel, fertilizers, transportation, land, and labor. With some careful planning, we should be able to reduce what we spend at the grocery store by 40% and still eat just as well! Even if we don't plan perfectly, imagine what a 25% reduction in your grocery bill would look like at the end of the year!

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More Money Saving Ideas to Reduce

In addition to the physical items we use around the house, there are many other ways to fewer resources and save some money. Water and energy are 2 prime candidates where we can easily use less, help the Earth, save money, and promote green Living.

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